Skylight Booking is founded and run by artists who have led lives on the road while on tour. As artists ourselves, we understand that the most important thing that you have to offer to your music is your talent and your vision. Skylight Booking strives to push you forward while maintaining your own perspective on what you want your brand to be, and the steps that you want to take to accomplish your goals.

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We partner with over 52,000 venue contacts


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No long term, hard to read & one-sided contracts


Control over when & where you play

Direct Artist Contact

No need for third-party contact between Agent & Artist

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Independent Artist

Skylight Booking works with artists on an as-needed basis securing performance dates for an entire tour or to simply supplement missing dates for a tour already booked.

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Artist With A Label

We also work strategically with venues to fill open slots on any show bills that are incomplete. We can complete any date's lineup with opening acts or headlining artists in any state.

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