Largest Venue Roster

We partner with over 48,000 venues across the USA


We work with Independent & Labeled-Supported Artists alike

No Contracts

No long-term, hard to read, & one-sided contracts


Control over when & where you play

Direct Artist Contact

No need for third-party contact between Artist & Agent

What Sets Us Apart?

Major Labels

We don’t set requirements for our artists to meet. We don’t turn artists away if they don’t get paid $100,000 or more for each performance. Unlike the majors, we aren’t focused on big commissions of already big paychecks.

Indie on the Move

We don’t just simply wait for venues to find our website and stumble upon our artists, who may be in search of new shows, and hope the available dates for both parties just so happen to line up.


We don’t pride ourselves on sending you to “venues” that are just restaurants with uninterested audiences, or venues that have been closed for nearly a decade.


We don’t just wait for venues to occasionally take notice of randomly-selected artists on our site, without putting forth any effort of our own.


We don’t make you do all the work yourself.

We at Skylight Booking are real people, with real years of experience as real booking agents. We worked real jobs at real major agencies. 

We contact real venues, one by one, and have real conversations to book real gigs for real artists. Nothing is sent out in bulk-email form. Your EPKs aren’t posted on digital bulletin-boards, waiting for someone (anyone) to stumble across our posting, hoping that the right person will find it at some point in the future and offer a gig, like the above Internet-service “booking agencies” do. 

Skylight Booking is a team of real people doing the real work of the major agencies for real low prices, ensuring that the real artists who work so hard can afford real bookings that push their music real far.

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