About Us

Skylight Booking is founded and run by artists who have led lives on the road while on tour.​

As artists ourselves, we understand that the most important thing that you have to offer to your music is your talent and your vision. Skylight Booking strives to push you forward while maintaining your own perspective on what you want your brand to be, and the steps that you want to take to accomplish your goals.

A one-of-a-kind booking agency providing fast and easy services in booking and tour routing.

Our Unique Capabilities system works to provide every artist on our team with a continuously expanding network, helping them to achieve a new level of success in an extremely competitive industry. Our main focus is to achieve the highest level of credential for our clients to ensure a sustainable career for them as artists.

Our Process

How does Skylight work?

After creating an Artist Account, simply fill out the 3 steps on our Book a Tour submission form. This gives us the necessary information to include in our booking requests that we send out for you, ensuring that every show that you play is exactly when and exactly where you want to play.

Skylight has spent years developing the idea for a better way for artists to book shows. The extensive information and experiences have led to an easy-to-use tool made by artists, for artists.

Gone are the days of paying booking agents a commission on each show. This is booking as it should be.

1. Select the States in Which You Would Like to Perform

Whether you’re looking to play an hour outside of your city, or on the other side of the country, we’ve got you covered. Go through a list of all US states and select one, or multiple, states in which you are interested in touring.

Skylight Booking sends emails to all of our venue contacts and talent buyers in the states that you have selected, requesting shows at their venue. Talent buyers get your show requests instantly, with links to your music and social media pages, and show responses get sent directly to your inbox.

With over 48,000 venue contacts in the United States at our disposal, Skylight books shows as extensive as your career demands.

2. Select the Dates That You Want to Fill

Select the starting date and the ending date of our tour. This allows us to schedule performances on the precise dates that you’re free during the booking process with our contacts. Whether your next tour needs to be 9 days or 90, you will only tour on the dates that you choose.

3. Select the Blackout Days That You Don't Want to Play

Sometimes you need to take a step back during tour and catch your breath, or go to that awesome water park to recharge. Select all of the dates that you know you’ll need a break, or just simply don’t want to perform.

Skylight omits these dates from our booking requests and we never overbook. Control is finally back in the hands of the artist.

Proper booking can be the difference between being recognized in your hometown and being recognized across the world. But finding a booking agent has always been difficult, and booking shows yourself can get frustrating. Sometimes you don’t know where to start, and sometimes you don’t get taken seriously. Also, because booking agents are paid a commission based on your payout, they’re only concerned with securing the highest paid gigs. Unfortunately, until you’re an artist that is already bringing in at least 5 or 6 figures, talent buyers and venue managers aren’t able to commit you to a show where they can guarantee you a sizable payout. Because of this, booking agents have nothing to go after, and as a result, they don’t work with artists who aren’t already compensated a price of which they’re comfortable living off 10%.

Introducing the solution to a problem that has existed as long as the music industry itself. We’ve created a way for you to tell us where you want to play, and for us to instantly search our system to find all of the best-suited venues in that area. Skylight has over 48,000 venue contacts in the United States alone, with hundreds more added every week. We gather venue contacts and stay in communication with their agents so you don’t have to.

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Just like you wouldn’t hire a lawyer to do your roofing, we don’t expect you to do your booking. Musicians can now put their focus back where it belongs, on their music.

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